Amidst this pandemic, I have seen three types of entrepreneurs. 

One camp who has seen an increase in their work and their businesses remain stable
during this time. This could be due to many factors. 

The second camp saw all their gigs get canceled, their events rescheduled indefinitely,
and their work dry up. Now they are searching for ways to make money fast! 

The third camp are people who have been laid off from their job and now realize it’s time
to make a shift and finally start the business they’ve always dreamed of because life is too short. 

Which camp are you in? 

We can’t wait for the government or anyone else to save us.

It’s not your fault that this pandemic is happening or your fault that your structure may have been unstable.
However, now’s the time to finally decide to take your life, business, and future in your own hands. 

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This is why I created and I am so excited to introduce you to:

The Self Employed Academy (S.E.A.) is a 6 Month Training program to help you build your profitable,  sustainable, recession-proof business
from the ground up and help you make the income and have the life you thought was impossible as an entrepreneur. 

Is S.E.A. Right for me? 

Whether you’re part of the “gig economy” looking to build stability in your structure, a full-time employee looking to build a side-business (or transition out of your day job), or a business owner looking to create your first six figures or more, S.E.A. was designed to give you what you need to create a business making money doing what you love with a solid foundation to grow year after year.

After this training, you will: 

Know the best and most profitable structure
for creating the business you’ve always wanted.


How to set up the right legal structure
for a business that’s foundationally solid.


Establish a clear vision, mission,
and meet your goals faster.


Know how to create sustainability and
profitability for your business and yourself.


Build loyal customers or clients that
come back to you over and over.


Create an authentic, magnetic brand that
feels like you and brings your customers
and clients right to your door.


Develop an intuitive, grounded spiritual
practice for your business growth.


Create the systems that support your
business living without you (you can
finally take that vacay!). 

Testimonials about coaching with Jo-Ná

'Working with Jo-Ná as my coach I’ve made more in my business than I’ve ever made to date. I’ve crafted a brand-new program, gotten more clarity on who my market is and have taken steps to up my game. If you commit 100% (as Jo-Ná does to each of her clients), you will be amazed at how far you’ll come in a very short period of time. After only ONE month I made my  investment back (and then some)! Also, I am feeling confident and excited to work with clients on my brand-new intuitive love coaching program. I always feel like Jo-Ná has my best interests in mind and she meets me exactly where I am but also pushes me to where I intend to go.'

Diana Dorell, Medicine Woman, Healer

'I was looking for a way to connect with my audience on a deeper level and Jo-Ná inspired me to think bigger about myself and my brand, but more importantly made me think about who I was serving even more than I thought about myself. That redirected my energy and approach to all of my communications. We repositioned of my brand and identified my tribe of "hard workers." We also re-launched my website to reflect my new insights about who I am in the world and who I am meant to serve. She pushes you to do things that at first appear to be somewhat random, but everything comes together in the end. Jo-Ná has a master plan. Just trust her and you'll see. Jo-Ná is the real deal.'

Jullien Gordon, Speaker, Coach, Author  

'When I first signed on, I doubted whether or not I was even in the right industry. I was jaded and struggling for inspiration. As an independent musician I get bombarded DAILY by people promising to “take me to the next level” in exchange for my cash. I’ve thrown thousands of dollars in promotion and marketing that fell flat. I was honestly afraid that Jo-Ná wouldn’t follow through on her promises.

Now because of our work together, I have a new website, new brand and I have an ongoing relationship with my fan base now. I am genuinely excited to get up and do what I do every day.  We laid the groundwork toward what will be an incredible career, more importantly, an incredible life! She was worth every penny.'

Aly Tadros, Musician

'She is a true business genius. I wasn't sure how the experience would go, but I knew I needed guidance.  As a new and aspiring female entrepreneur, I was grateful that I had chosen Jo-Ná. She had great suggestions on business structures and how to implement them. However, despite her business talent, and her great teaching what I loved most about Jo-Ná was her passion and her heart. Anyone can make money but when someone gives you their heart and you can feel it and you know you are supported. Jo-Ná has helped me take the first steps in birthing my visions into my business and my dream reality. All my success was through self-development and through Jo-Ná  teaching me the foundations of entrepreneurship.' 

Dr. Tanja Isabella Nunnold, Dermatologist and Author

 I was floored by how much we accomplished! The insight that she provided came at a critical time when I was transitioning to being 100% self-employed. She was instrumental in helping me to create a strong, solid foundation, and strategic plan for my business. Additionally, in the areas where I felt confused, frustrated and unclear, she helped me gain clarity and confidence. Her legal acumen combined with her natural wisdom and intuition were the perfect combination to provide me with exactly what I needed to start and maintain my business. Jo-Ná  is an astute and intuitive coach who guides entrepreneurs to their greatness. My investment has paid off exponentially and I can't wait to work with her again.

Donya Williams, Leadership Coach  

Tara Darazio

Morisha Shuey

Nikol Rogers

How Does S.E.A. work? 

Bi-weekly you will attend live trainings where I will teach you the material and you will have the opportunity to answer questions. You will also receive worksheets and additional resources all in a private members-only portal.  If you can’t attend the live trainings, not to worry, each training will be recorded and uploaded into the portal so you can reference and apply it anytime you need.

Don’t want to feel alone? Does accountability drive you? Awesome. You will also have access to the powerful S.E.A. community of people  (during and after the training) going through the same process at the same time. As the inaugural class, you will be a part of the first group to go through the Academy, however as we run future classes, you will be together in a larger group with thousands of entrepreneurs just like you in addition to the private group with just your class. Breathe a sigh of relief.

If you prefer that 1:1 work instead, I totally get that and we’ve got you. Just scroll down and apply to be supported while you’re in the program by our S.E.A. Head Coach, she’s was handpicked and trained by me and she has been coached by me for years on her own success so she knows exactly how to support your business since I helped her create her multi-six figure business. 

The Curriculum

Module 1: Business Formation

In this module I will show you how to ensure your business model is viable and
we will go through how to craft, your mission, values, and vision.


Module 2: Offerings

In this module I will show you how to craft offerings (good or services) you and your
clients (or customers) love in ways that build sustainability and long-term indestructibility. 


Module 3: Branding

My fool-proof method on building a brand that is uniquely you and builds a loyal
customer or client base.

How to create a reputation that has your clients or customers becoming super fans
and becoming your volunteer sales force. 


Module 4: Marketing

How to figure out which marketing vehicles are the ones you should run with that will
remain part of your foundational structure while also being creative and fun! 

How to create marketing that is uniquely you,
feels good, isn’t salesy BUT is very effective. 


Module 5: Website

Building your website into a profit driving, brand-building machine instead
of just an ineffective landing page where you’re hearing crickets! 


Module 6: Hiring/Working with a team

My technique for finding top talent at a great rate and cultivating you
into the CEO the people want to work for year after year. 

Module 7: Legal Structure

Creating the legal structure (contracts, entities, terms, etc.) that builds a solid foundation
for a  small business whether you are new or you’ve been in business for years. 


Module 8: Back-end Systems

The structure and systems that are necessary for a sustainable business
no matter the size and HOW to create them with ease.


Module 9: Money management

How to make smart financial and investment decisions for your business.

How to create very smart projections so you can plan for the growth you want to see every year. 


Module 10: Your best Sales

The most effective “No Selling” sales strategy to build a growing and profitable business. 


Module 11: Sustainable you

Creating a stronger intuitive sense that will support you
as a CEO and how to listen to it for tough business decisions. 

How to develop a spiritual practice that supports you and your business’s health. 


Module 12: Serving customers

Building safe, clear policies and procedures that protect your business and love on your customers.

How to build customers relationships where they are loyal to you for life.

Testimonials about coaching with Jo-Ná

I thought I had the basic knowledge to carry out my business idea on my own. Wow, was I wrong! I found the perfect coach for my business, and myself. Jo-Ná is truly a blessing in my career as I wouldn’t have the confidence or the knowledge I have today to reach my goals. I made back the money I invested within 6 months because of her advice. You are wasting your time by waiting to work with Jo-Ná. Jo-Ná is the best coach there is!

Fiona Zwieb, Business Manager 

I am very happy with the work I did with Jo-Ná in preparation for opening Jolie.  Jo-Ná gave me a lot of clarity on how to craft a brand. I was a novice. I learned the basics of what makes a good branding strategy and the components of creating a recognizable brand.  I chose colors, worked on my logo, crafted a tagline, established the key parts of my business, and paint a portrait of my target client. Invaluable was Jo-Ná’s ability to decipher my ideas into concrete language and consumable materials for my clients.  All in all, it formed a strong basis for the rest of the work in opening Jolie.

Julia Erickson, Chef and Wellness Coach

Prior to working with Jo-Ná we were wrapping up our former business and searching for what we wanted to do next but unclear and unfocused in how to "get there." Working with her, We became clear about our audience,  who we wanted to serve,  what value we brought to the table and the building blocks and road map to our next phase. Jo-Ná is kind, generous, and loving. She’s also passionately committed to having you achieve your goals. She is not afraid to tell what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Jo-Ná’s work and guidance provided us with the clearing to embark on a new business with more clarity in our approach than ever before!

Jahan Mantin, Diversity & Equity Consultant, Co-Founder 

It’s time to create the business and life
you never knew was possible. Let’s do this.

(up to 15 qualified applicants will be accepted. Applications must be submitted by Monday, October 5th at 11:59pm EST.)

How is the Program Delivered?

Biweekly 60-90 Minute Live
Masterclasses taught by Jo-Ná

Worksheets and additional
supplemental material 

The SEA team available to answer all
your technical and support questions

Q&A Sessions with Jo-Ná

A Private Class Community with
a dedicated SEA Coach to answer
your questions

The SEA Head Coach to work with you
bi-weekly if there are slots available. 

Who created the program? 

I’m grateful you landed here. I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life (my first business was selling friendship bracelets when I was seven years old). I don’t come from an affluent background but something sparked inside me when I realized that entrepreneurship was the path to freedom and that being an entrepreneur was not only my calling but also a deep heart mission to help other people create the freedom they wanted and live their dreams through their businesses.

After being in business (for this iteration) almost a decade and reaching 7 figures in 3 years (with no investors, no partners, investments or family), taking a year-long break 4 years ago to restructure (and recover from burnout and major contractions in all areas of my business, including financial) what I was doing so it was all the things I wanted (sustainable, creative, had a great team, mission-driven, fun and of major service to the world) while still making high-six figures, I figured out the formula that would create the type of business that checks all the boxes for a business owner while also bringing their dreams to life and changing the world in ways you can see and feel. My clients have created and launched highly profitable and successful businesses without sacrificing who they are. 

My mission is to help you do the same. 

More about Jo-Ná

Jo-Ná A. Williams is an attorney, founder, and business advisor who founded J.A. Williams Law
in 2011 to provide entrepreneurs and thought leaders with ways to successfully navigate their careers
and provide assistance with business and intellectual property matters. She founded her business
coaching practice to advise business owners on entrepreneurship, building profitable businesses,
and create foundations to thrive in all areas of life.

Some of her clients have written New York Times Bestsellers, won Grammys, been listed in
the Billboard 'Top 100' and iTunes 'Top Album' charts, and received international acclaim.

She’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Black Enterprise, MarieTV, The Root and
has spoken at Facebook, LinkedIn, NYU, and Rent The Runway, amongst others.

She was recently named one of the 'Top 40 Lawyers Under 40'  by the National Black Lawyers.
She’s also a Certified Energy Therapist, and Spiritual Consultant. She's licensed to practice law in New York.

Meet Your Head Coach

Please meet our amazing S.E.A. Coach, Cindy Hospedales. I personally selected and privately trained
Cindy because she’s not only a heart-centered, hyper-focused, successful business owner) she’s also
an incredible coach and teacher. She knows my approach and material like the back of her hand
(I coached her for 5 years) and it’s an honor to have her step out of being a coachee to coach
to guide other entrepreneurs whose shoes she was just in a few years ago. Her approach is no non-sense
(like me) and she knows what you are going through and how to get you to where you want to be.
I wholeheartedly endorse and trust her. If you choose the program with 1:1 Coaching, she will be the coach you will meet with.

How much time will the Program take? 

There are no shortcuts to building a profitable, sustainable company and you get out of the experience as much you put into it. It could take months before you to start the progress the profit and momentum building, but stay the course anyway. Rome wasn’t built overnight and your business won’t be either. However, you’ll get there. 

If you are following the program and utilizing all the information to build your business during your matriculation, it should take approximately 16 hours a month including class time. Classes will
be approximately 60-90 minutes. On weeks we don’t have class I recommend that you start to implement the material. 

We have a super convenient, online format (perfect for these times) so you will be able to access everything online and in your timing! All sessions will be recorded so you can access them if you can’t attend live.

Live Training Schedule

(all class times:  are Mondays: 6pm EST / 3pm PST approximately 90 minutes) 

Module 1 - October 12, 2020 

Module 2 - October 19, 2020  

Module 3 - November 2, 2020

Module 4 - November 16, 2020

Module 5 - December 7, 2020 

Module 6 - December 21, 2020

Module 7 - January 4, 2021

Module 8 -  January 18, 2021 

Module 9 - February 1, 2021 

Module 10 - February 15, 2021

Module 11 - March 1, 2021

Module 12 -  March 15, 2021 

(up to 15 qualified applicants will be accepted. Applications must be submitted by Monday, October 5th at 11:59pm EST)

Risk-Free Guarantee

We believe in this work. We believe in its power to change your life as it has for countless others. However, we also know that our approach, the curriculum or the work involved to build a business on solid ground isn’t for everyone. You will be able to test-drive S.E.A. for 1 week (through the release of the first module) if you decide that it isn’t for you. All you need to do is send an email to our support team and we happily cancel any further payments and access to the Program. We want you to know this is the right place for you. We’ve got your back.

Testimonials about coaching with Jo-Ná

I admit Jo-Ná pushed some buttons and I wasn’t thrilled about that, but it was sooooo necessary. And I’m grateful. As a result of working with Jo-Ná, I produced Grace Drums second annual concert at a 320 seat theater this year up from 117 seats last year. We doubled our attendance! My desire in this lifetime is to earn a great living doing what I love, teaching and performing African inspired percussion... a real niche market to say the least! But that didn't phase Jo-Ná. With her keen marketing eye,  She knew exactly what to recommend to get a much needed infusion of cash for myself and for my business, “From Zero to Show: a 12 week comprehensive Djembe drumming program for the beginner adult.” My goal was to enroll 10 students. I'm thrilled to say I got to 7, and was able to bring an extra $2,500 that didn't previously exist. I have no doubt that there's more amazing-ness to come. If you really serious about your career as an entrepreneur, I’d say work with Jo-Ná !  It’s a big step and well worth it. If nothing is risked, nothing is gained.

Gabriella Dennery, Doctor and Musician

It’s official, I’ve taken the leap! I’ve been trying to bring this vision to life for over 2 years now. Thanks to the fabulous help of Jo-Ná in under 2 months, it has finally come to life.  Thank you!

Cydny Pina, Event Planner & Consultant 

Working with Jo-Ná got me looking at "me" as a brand in a whole new light, helping me elevate my value and getting me clearer on my vision for the future. At times, it wasn't the easiest of experiences as I was resistant to some exercises which later proved to be some of the most valuable and beneficial experiences of our time together. So if you're looking for someone to make you walk through the doorway to success that you have opened for yourself. Jo-Ná’s the one to help you.

Simon Fishburn, Musician

I felt like I had a lot of the right pieces, but didn't know how to arrange them. My brand congruence was low, and my personality wasn't breaking through in my branding.  Jo-Ná was Amazing. We started with internal work. She doesn't play games or let you indulge in the bull shyt habits you came to her to break. She helped me find tools that turned my weaknesses into strengths.  I've spent more money and gotten less. I've never been more clear and confident and in charge of my personal realm and my career realm. Like whatever limitation I had, we found real, practical, executable plans. The entire course would've been worth that one precious gem, but I received too many to count. THANK YOU Jo-Ná. YOU SAVED MY LIFE.

Deuce Ellis, Musician


Q. What is the Self Employed Academy? 

A. Self Employed Academy (S.E.A) is a 6 Month live training program taught by Jo-Na Williams, Attorney, Founder, and Business Advisor. The Program will show you how to build a sustainable and highly profitable business on a solid foundation so you can live your dreams while also keeping your self-care in tact. 

Q. How is the program delivered? 

A. Bi-Weekly you will attend a live training in a private portal conducted by the founder, Jo-Na Williams. She will be available to answer all questions. You will have access to a private group of individuals taking the training with you and the S.E.A. Head Coach will be available to answer questions between sessions. If you decide that you want to have a private coach during the training, you will meet with her bi-weekly in addition to the bi-weekly trainings, worksheets, and materials.

Q. Who is the Program for? 

A. Any business owner who hasn’t reached the 6 figure mark yet with their business and/or created a solid structure under their business so it can run without you being at the ‘controls’ all the time. Doesn’t matter if you are a new business owner, a freelancer, side-hustler,  or a mature owner with years in the game, if you are ready to take your business to a state of solid structure, profitability and pleasure, this one’s for you.

Q. What If I decide this isn’t for me? 

A. No problem. You will be able to test-drive S.E.A. for 1 week (through the release of the first module) if you decide that it isn’t for you. All you need to do is send an email to our support team and we will cancel any further payments and access to the Program.

Q. How much access will I have to Jo-Ná? 

A. I am going to be very accessible in the group. I am conducting all the trainings live so you will be able to ask questions right on the spot. I will also be checking in on the group weekly to make sure that you’re nurtured and supported. Our S.E.A. Head Coach will be the liaison and primary coach in the group space while I lead trainings so you get two coaches for the price of one! 

Q. I have been following you for a while and I have never seen this program.
Where are these testimonials coming from?

A. Glad you asked. All the testimonials on this page are from my clients that I have coached over the years. While they were NOT a part of this program ALL the principles and steps that I am teaching you in this program I taught to them so they could reach their own business goals. Same info, different structure. If you decide to join you will be a  part of the inaugural class welcome! 

Q. I am a brand new entrepreneur and I haven’t started a business yet. Is S.E.A. right for me? 

A. Absolutely! This program is built to help any entrepreneur create a solid structure whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business but still are working like a freelancer without sustainability. We will walk you through the process from start to launch and cheer you along the way! 

Q. We can’t go anywhere because of Corona will the program still work? 

A. Yes! It’s perfect for these Corona times we are living in because everything will be accessible online and you will have it for a life time. 

Q. I looked at the trainings and I can’t attend some or any of the sessions live. Should I still join? 

A. Yes! You can do the program self-paced at any time. All the sessions will be recorded and the Portal will be open to ask questions in the group over the next 6 months.

Ready to take this step? Let’s do this!

(up to 15 qualified applicants will be accepted. Applications must be submitted by Monday, October 5th, 11:59pm EST)


Earnings Disclaimer 

We do not offer any representations, warranties, or guarantees, verbally or in writing, regarding your earnings, business profit, marketing performance, audience growth or any results of any kind. You alone are responsible for any actions that you take and the results therefrom. By signing up for this Program you agree that your results are dependent on various factors including but not limited to, skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business acumen, and finance and in no way dependent on any information in this Program. You also understand that any testimonials or endorsements (herein “Opinions”) made by our customers or audience and represented on this Site, or through our products, services, programs, offerings, other websites, sales pages, other webpages, or through any other content, are solely opinions from individuals, which have not been factually or scientifically evaluated by us or proven by others. Similarly, any information contained on this Site and through our products, services, programs, offerings, other websites, sales pages, other webpages, or through any other content, are solely our opinion and thus, not representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind. 

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Legal Disclaimer 

This Program is for informational purposes only and will not be construed as legal advice of any kind. J.A. Williams Law P.C. assumes no liability for the use or interpretation of any of the information contained in this workshop. This workshop does not establish an attorney/client relationship and should not be an alternative to obtaining legal advice from a licensed attorney in your state/country based on the specific facts of your legal matter.